Super MAGFest 2022 - WTF have Mobile Game Ads become?

WTF have Mobile Game Ads become?

Saturday, January 8th, 2022, 4:30pm ET, Panels 4

Jason Spriggs, Jessy Kane, Mark Murnane


In an era of casual gamers flooding the market looking for something to do, we ask ourselves the question: What on earth is behind the marketing techniques used by advertisers today to get you to install their game?


Talk Notes/Content

The Beginning of the End

Overtly Sexual Storyboards

Butt Baiting

Quick, turn down your volume!

Influencer Crimes

I don’t care about the game, just win a lambo!

Bet you can’t beat this!

Totally not a pop culture ref

Ye Haw?

How much did they have to pay in licensing for this?

When Low Budget goes too low

Kids these days just don’t get it

Get the girl!

Trying to appeal to people who think you spent more than 20 seconds developing the game?

Apologizing for developing a shitty game/doing “fake” ads/Scammed by our game? Play our game!

Non Existant Storylines?

Lemme just eat my mic real quick

Let’s just rip some music to catch someone’s attention

Mob Boss Games?

Directly ripping other ads

Whatever this is?


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  • Danny Gonzalez
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